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Web Intelligence is Business Intelligence based on external Web data and databases. We use our years of experience to extract information from the Web for you, and in order for you to develop and operate systems which allow you to shift your text mining in the cloud. You will not find a provider with more services, know-how and technical knowledge in Germany.

Finding new customers

Are you interested in leads in the B2B environment? Would you like to use information from websites, databases and news to find major new projects? Together with you, we develop search profiles, and using these we extract the relevant projects for you and the company.

Realize early when the failure of debtors threatens

Databases often tell only half the story about a company. What if your client does have an excellent credit rating, but its president, however, was previously involved in a case of fraud?

With VICO you don’t find out about it only when the payments fail. Our Web Intelligence Solutions not only look after payment risks within the company itself. You will also see the relevance to the company and people of the networks in which the company is incorporated.

Identify Relevant Events

What is happening that is relevant to you, and where? With our Web Intelligence Solutions you can build tailored prediction models.

Editorial texts for Publishers

You need to inform your readers comprehensively. In your texts additional information should be automatically added to people, places, companies, organizations or products. On the page or in a pop up? You decide! We extract the readable information from the semantic web, your databases or external ones, and automatically link your texts.

Enrich and update databases

You want to stay on top of your customers, suppliers and partners and know what is happening there. And do you spend a lot of time and man-hours manually maintaining address lists and researching company information? VICO taps into the net and external data sources in order to keep your information up to date. The advantage: your databases are always up to date without extensive manpower.

Regulation requirements cater to your own website

Do you need to be able to prove what information was on your website at what time? We store the content of your website at every change and thereby establish an archive that will help you to meet the regulatory requirements of your business.

Do your suppliers conform to your compliance requirements?

We record all relevant information about your suppliers every day. Thus, you know immediately if they fail to comply with environmental regulations, policies on child labor or the like. And you can react before it becomes public.

Highest level of expertise and a partner ecosystem

As part of a network of partners, we have access to global data sets and the most advanced technologies. We combine them for a customised solution to your needs. We are building enterprise-wide data supply chains - and are using the same data and data-handling technologies as are used, for example, in the automotive industry with its global supply chains.

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The leading Web Intelligence technology

Our system has matured over the years into a very flexible and powerful solution. With our modular system we can implement your use case quickly with minimal development effort.

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Endless amounts of data: real Big Data

We cover hundreds of millions of data sources - without country or language barriers. This is real Big Data: all the typical social media sources like Facebook, forums, social networks, video/TV portals, Twitter and blogs, as well as all the classic sources like news, web data, web sites, web KPIs, Wikipedia, Open Linked Data, Socio-Economic Statistics, Q & A portals, rating sites, shops, Stock Market Data, Commercial registers ...

Dashboard and data integration

Our technology and our expertise are excellent. This is also true at the front-end: Here we offer a complete state-of-the-art solution. A flexible dashboard in HTML5 technology, which works fine on any device.

Would you prefer to integrate the data directly into your system, or simply build individual charts and widgets in your software? We work around you, not the other way.

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We capitalize on CONSULTING

What options do big and smart data offer specifically for your business success? In what new ways is it worth it for you? Leave out unnecessary learning loops through trial and error and use our consulting capabilities, which will help you to recognize the full potential of the digital transformation for you - and use it. Our aim: to create a lean, efficient and effective system that gives you exactly what you need. Our promise: With VICO Consulting you save money and time. Benefit from ten years of experience in Web Intelligence!

Software and Technology as-a-service

With VICO your information and data come straight from the source. Not only do you not have to labor to build an expensive internal infrastructure, but you are ready to go, to take care of your processes and your business case. And we do the rest. Individual development on our platform:

  • Consulting to meet your specific requirements
  • Technical Implementation (adapting the system to your business processes with respect to data sources, data cleansing, data enrichment, data analysis and visualisation)
  • Individual Dashboard
  • Chart widgets to embed in customer systems
  • Data Service (Provide available data for your internal BI systems)
  • Maintenance
  • Support

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