Social Media Monitoring

Check your online reputation

You will see a crisis before it appears, and can react with confidence.

Measuring your social media success

Tailored KPIs measure the success of your campaigns, your brand image and your social media activities. Fast Drill Downs and dynamic charts show which factors were crucial to success and where you and your team can be even better.



Monitoring for Product and Quality Management

You want to know why a product is well received. Whether there are weaknesses to which you must respond immediately. Where do you stand compared to the competition? Use search term management and observe individual product characteristics for your success.

Influencer and multiplier identification

Find the user who belongs to your target audience. KPIs which are selected and perfectly matched by our experts can quickly identify relevant influencers for you, observe their communications and distinguish between brand critics and friends.

Gain unique insights for market research

No solution on the market is better tailored to the needs of market researchers. Here you can annotate the posts at high speed and then analyze them further with sophisticated semantic analysis. Save time. Gain unique insights.

Watch customers and identify leads

VICO Social Media Listening shows you where more opportunities lie with your existing customers and identifies new, highly relevant leads for you. Take advantage of these opportunities for successful sales!

Communicate effectively and efficiently with the community

Our engagement system helps you to communicate with your community effectively and in light of your own compliance. You see what your target group employs, what topics move them and what their needs are...

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Social Media Monitoring for competitive intelligence

What is the competition doing? With our tool, you always have up to date information on your major competitors. You know what is written about them and how they act on their own channels. Your advantage? You can respond promptly, compare, learn to optimize. Become a benchmark!

Have all media in view

Are you only interested in social media in isolation? Or do you want to be informed about news and other sources? No Problem. VICO has a complete solution, which is suitable for other channels, from news to press releases.

Analysing customer mail for support

It may not always be social media! Use our successful monitoring technology to, for example, analyze and classify your customers' mail! Or generally generate large amounts of text in your company.



And many more …

Expand your options with us! VICO Social Media Listening fits your specific case. What would you like to know? What would you like to achieve? Let us show you how we can help you.

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