Sales and Partnermanagement

Precise observation of the market for more sales opportunities. We provide you with relevant information about shifts: from your customers' new projects to customer criticism of your resellers. Fact: manual search methods may no longer be appropriate for watching your market, and many opportunities remain unused.


Identify new sales opportunities with existing customers

Your customers are moving, evolving. In this dynamic there is an enormous amount of potential for new opportunities. But what happens where? Our research experts look for the news and posts through all relevant channels of your market. We see immediately if your customer is planning a new project, investing in a new business or if personnel changes are pending - and we recognize the potential that lies in it for you. Use the knowledge of social media and take the decisive step towards new business with your existing customers!

Find new customers

The VICO Research Team has an eye on the market and identifies potential new customers for you. For you, this means recognizing hot leads, acquiring new customers and increasing growth. How do we do that? We research, for example, what projects are being planned that will fit your activities. Or we can identify known creators who will switch to a new company. Our analysis and presentations quickly and clearly inform you about potential new customers.

Keep an eye on partners and resellers

Partners or resellers don't always take care of your customers as they should. And because customers talk about this on the net, this noncompliance can quickly affect your company's reputation. The VICO Research Service recognizes problematic cases even before they begin causing ripples, and thus helps you to work to tie your partner and reseller more closely to your specifications. Finally, real-world compliance and after-sales support go hand in hand.

How we work

Clever, relevant, practical! Our goal is your success. At VICO people and technology go hand in hand to provide the best service that you can imagine. We accompany you on your way and a bit further. Learn more about our quality management, our team of experts, methodology and technology.

With VICO you can increase sales and improve your market position

VICO services give you even more ways to better respond to the market and increase your clearance sales. Our Web Intelligence Systems team and our consulting team are happy inform you.


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