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Whether you are launching a new product or developing or optimizing a product: it is the facts that move you forward, not the Facebook Likes. The facts you get from us, tailored to your needs. Optimal information saves you time and money. We work in the German industry from automotive to pharma to fast moving consumer goods.

Product Development: Understanding the market and identifying needs

Product development needs to keep track of what is. And it needs a vision of what is coming. We deliver this based on our unique data pulses that pay off. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current market? What needs are not satisfactorily met today? Where are trends emerging? Take advantage of our genuine information from Social Data for your best ideas and successful innovation management!

Watch the product launch and respond early

How does your new product appear to the consumer? What will the first user write about it? What are the issues arise through product use? Attend this process from the beginning. VICO Research provides you with genuine customer reactions, attentive and relevant. This way you can react quickly and manage issues specifically.

Learn from the customer's perspective and optimise products

You have a good product on the market that you want to optimize. You want to know what kind of difficulties consumers encounter when using your product, what features are not understood in the instructions, or what the product may be missing compared to its

Identify risks early

Our experts will quickly alert you of all risks. With the help of alerts, you can counteract them. Our intelligently used information tool analyses all directions. For example, a defect in the product - so you avoid costly product liability claims or recalls. Or the fact that a reseller does not meet your compliance policies and your customers are treated badly.

How we work

How we work Clever, relevant, practical! Our goal is your success. At VICO people and technology go hand in hand to provide the best service that you can imagine. We accompany you on your way and a bit further. Learn more about our quality management, our team of experts, methodology and technology. 

Optimise customer satisfaction with Social Data

VICO gives you even more ways to improve your product, quality and innovation management. Our team of Web Intelligence Systems and our consulting team will inform you.


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