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With VICO you use the knowledge from social data to improve your customer relationship. You ask and we gather the information relevant to you. Is my client is satisfied with the hotline? How is our online complaint management used and what does it depend on? The VICO Research team helps you to make your service even better.

Improve customer service through social media analysis

VICO Research measures the satisfaction of your customers. It recognizes why they are satisfied or dissatisfied. Our information is relevant and fast. We analyze all the essential communication channels where customers talk about your service and the service of the competition. The results of this analysis are measures that you can use to improve your quality of service.

Improve e-reputation

Communication on the web is fast - and something which can hurt your reputation can get rolling quickly The VICO Research Team recognizes crises early and helps your service team to react promptly and with a sense of proportion to service calls - and at all points relevant on the web. We help you to meet the requirements for an optimal e-reputation. For the best reputation in the network that you may have.

Meet the requirements of social media

Service quality today rules in social media. Customer requirements are high. VICO Research examines your level of service in social media and whether your service meets all requirements. Do you react promptly and appropriately? We continually monitor and make recommendations for you to move you permanently to a high level. And it pays off, because whoever meets the requirements of corporate communication in social media credibility is rewarded: No other communication channel provides such enormous opportunities for a company. The VICO analysis team takes on this challenge for you, helping you to turn your customers into your fans.

Learning by Competitive Comparison

VICO Channel Benchmarking is used to improve your service. Our experts analyze how well you perform in comparison to your competition or your benchmarks. Where are you ahead of the competition? What makes it better? "A record of use case". How we do that, you can read in our use case

React early

A good reputation in the internet community requires care. The VICO Research team identifies problematic service issues on time, and assists you in dealing with them credibly. We would be glad to present you how this exactly works personally.



How we work

Clever, relevant, practical! Our goal is your success. At VICO people and technology go hand in hand to provide the best service that you can imagine. We accompany you on your way and a bit further. Learn more about our quality management, our team of experts, methodology and technology. [Learn more: link to Research à Methods]


Optimise customer satisfaction with social data

VICO gives you even more ways to optimise your customer service and increase customer satisfaction. Our Web Intelligence Systems team and our consulting team are happy to inform you. [Learn more: link to Tailored solutionsà optimised products and services]



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