Content Marketing

We place your brand successfully in the digital space and ensure that you are in conversation on all relevant platforms. With our communication strategies and campaigns we create genuine dialogue with your existing and potential customers. Whether analogue Events, smart touchpoints in the Consumer Decision Journey or quality Influencer Marketing: Your brand is digitally attentive. And ultimately you will have measurable success.

Be successful in the community conversation

Your customers and your target audience are in conversation in communities. Whether through your own or third-party channels, VICO Agency helps you to effectively participate in this communication to inspire your brand. We take care of your social media presence strategically and operationally. You want to affirm the loyalty of existing customers? Get new customers' attention; gain brand fans; successfully follow the purchase decision process? We support your aim with the appropriate content and speeches.

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Successfully increase awareness with Content Marketing and Campaigns

Whether you want to generate more cross-selling or new leads or simply increase Brand Buzz, with the right content, conveyed the right way, you can achieve your goal.

VICO Agency supports your content marketing strategy and operations. We match your communication activities to the needs and interests of users, the customer journey and the touch point. Our campaigns are well thought out and bring you into conversation with your target audience. Our tailor-made service for your target with pinpoint accuracy.

Improve brand image and support sales

Make the influential users in the network your brand ambassadors! We know the wide-reaching, authentic and credible experts in your subject area and are in contact with them. Thus, we generate positive product reviews, or search engine-related advice. The voice of these influencers is highly relevant in the purchase decision process, is considered to be a trustworthy Touchpoint and can significantly increase the range of your campaigns. Let them speak for themselves on the opinion of your company. VICO finds internal influencers that support your communication activities in social media with relevant and exciting content and so provide for the acceptance of digital action - even internally. With VICO Agency you use the reputation of all these influencers to place your brand successfully in social media, for more product awareness and more clearance sales.

Prove your Social Media Marketing Success

You want to know how your marketing appears in Social Media? VICO Research provides you with the significant figures. How successful are your communications activities? How powerful are your campaigns? Our team checks your activities and provides you with relevant and genuine knowledge of social data so that you get even better.

Generate more coverage and traffic with social advertising

With the expertise and know-how of the VICO Consultants you can use your social advertising budget as effectively as possible. How far have your Social Media campaigns come so far?

We analyze them accurately. On the basis of this knowledge we will plan your advertising in social media and embed your campaigns so that they attract attention and covetousness. Invest your budget in more coverage, traffic, impact and success.

Generate more sales with Social Commerce

With VICO Agency you can expand your radius and find new social leads. We are active and present for you on all relevant platforms, which have user exchanges. Who is actively searching for your products? Is anyone expressing latent interest? Our experts also find you quality leads to unexpected places! Would you like to make direct contact or can we do it for you? Your benefit remains the same: to increase your visibility. Our qualified leads bring you once more into conversation with your customers, with the friends of your customers and with their followers. Your brand draws circles, your sales success increases.

Produce digital coverage and conversation with events

Organize analogue events that still remain positive in the social media consciousness! The event experts from VICO Agency combine the analogue with the digital: they conceive, plan and organize special events on the net. In this way we extend the special moment, bring it back to life in the network and increase the buzz for your brand. Use our analogue creativity and digital influencers for successful PR in social media.


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