Partners and Cooperation

VICO is proud of its expertise and senior partners - all experts in their fields. Together with its partners, VICO is growing in experience, knowledge and daring. The Goal? Identify new trends and areas with real added value for customers and continually improve the service. What binds VICO and VICO's partners is the passion for excellent solutions which really make the company.

Cooperation with econda

econda high-end web analytics and recommendation solutions enable success and revenue maximization in e-commerce. econda is successfully used by more than 1,000 e-commerce companies, and is the most widely used commercial web analytics solution at Germany's top 100 mail order companies (see. VDV / VH Ranking 2012). The econda Shop Monitor is specially tailored to the needs of e-commerce companies, providing real-time analysis for control of the store and online marketing. Thus, comprehensive multi-channel marketing and customer journey tracking is possible. The recommendation engine econda Cross Sell makes intelligent set sales incentives for increased sales through cross-selling and up-selling. Appropriate product recommendations are displayed in the online store, always based on intelligent analysis. Using the intuitive user interface, shop owners can quickly create their own widgets and define recommendation rules. Econda solutions are TÜV-tested and data protection compliant.

Cooperation with Social Media Academy

VICO cooperates with the webculture GmbH Social Media Academy, where VICO co-founder Yasan Budak lectures on the course "Social Media Manager SMA and Social Media Marketing".

Cooperation with Lots of Ways

The established Stuttgart PR agency Lots of Ways worked with VICO strategies, concepts and systems for risk prevention and concepts, strategies, and the establishment of processes for risk prevention by definition of escalation potential. In addition, scenario management, crises with announcement, linguistic regions / countries and internal processes and responsibilities, etc. Scenario Management:

  • Preparation of content on known critical issues and possible statements about known criticisms that can be published in a crisis ("crisis with announcement"). Identification of triggers: Campaigns by interest groups or disgruntled customers.
  • Before occurring, the critical situation will be reviewed together with allegations which your organization may face. You define the best possible, the realistic from today's perspective and the unfavorable development of the communicative course.)

Cooperation with Lingner Consulting

With the partner Lingner Consulting New Media GmbH, VICO uses special projects in employer branding. Power: develop and support employer brand

  • Inventory (VICO & Lingner)
  • Concept & Strategy Development (Lingner)
  • Brand Design for Web & Print (Lingner)
  • Communication Consulting (Lingner)
  • Continuous Monitoring (VICO & Lingner)


Objective: To increase attractiveness as an employer

  • To increase awareness of the company as an employer
  • To improve tonality about the company as a communications employer




Cooperation with etracker

Social Analytics paints a very clear picture of customer behavior on the Web. This innovative product was developed by VICO in collaboration with etracker. Through the combination of social analytics and web analytics, we can now represent web activity in a much richer way than was previously possible. Thus etracker expanded its solution portfolio to optimize websites and online activities together with VICO. With the etracker Social Monitor, the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ can be analyzed. In the analysis and monitoring there are also contributions from hundreds of thousands of blogs, forums, rating and price portals. Companies now recognize, in real time, what is said - and how - about their brand and their products in the social web.

Cooperation with T-Systems

The project "Social Voice" is about opinions. Here, VICO analyzed opinions from the social web. On this basis, T-Systems, together with VICO, offer a widget which can be integrated into stores. Within the widget to the shop visitors are offered information on buying support "on site". This illustrates, among other things, how many users view the product positively, or have any adverse comment, and where they speak about the respective products.

Cooperation with Unicepta

The media analyst Unicepta has approximately 250 employees, and is one of Europe's leading information providers. With the VICO Social Media Monitoring, Unicepta can completely cover the areas of media monitoring, media content analysis and issue management for social media.


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