Corporate History

A pioneering spirit that lives on: In 2005 VICO was founded as the fourth social media monitoring company in the world. Since then VICO has continued to grow with its customers. Successful, relevant, first-class.





VICO reorganized itself, adapting its organization to its growing competence as a leading full-service social media service provider and to the rapid pace of technological developments. Three business units arise: Web IntelligenceResearch and Agency. The front end is thoroughly relaunched.

More recognition at the federal level. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs promotes the Smart Data Web.


VICO is relaunched as a research project. The European Commission supports XLime. VICO grows and realigns its strategy. Other technological milestones are the Web Intelligence solution for risk management, the integration of statistical databases and the integration of Semantic Web technologies. 

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The European Commission honors VICO and promotes the DOPA project. Other technological milestones: Addition of social media monitoring the engagement solution, expansion of social media monitoring to Web Tracker and new machine-learning based sentiment module. 

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Recognition of services at the federal level: the Federal Ministry of Economics supports MIA project. Expansion of social media monitoring solution for self-service portal.

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International monitoring solution in nine languages. Becomes one of the leading providers of forum monitoring in Germany. Expansion of sources to news. PlanB joins as a new shareholder. 

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Two years after the company was founded, it has already risen to become the leading agency for social media market research in Germany. 


VICO operates internationally and leads the first monitoring in four languages for Fujitsu Siemens.  



Foundation of VICO Research & Consulting GmbH. VICO is the fourth social media monitoring company in the world.


a year before the establishment of VICO Research & Consulting GmbH, the first social media study was developed. The vision: to generate data from the social web and refine our clients' business relevant data.